The man behind  some of the majority  of our artwork, on the releases of SLR, his Marco Hansen, which soon will be releasing is second episode of NEW GALAXY an EP with 3 tracks. And of course we can´t stop leaving with you all without a example of the artwork which himself made it for […]

Lazlo Kovaks has a new release out,  the American presents  us with an EP ¨BREATHLESS¨and brings with him 5 tracks who going from House until the funky house  and the electronica The EP is out today  21/10/13 in exclusive on Beatport , plenty reasons to get out there and grab a copy because is a […]

A new EP is out on SLR and this time comes from a Brazilian youngster, Marco Hansen and ¨NEW GALAXY¨ a mixture between Techno and Trance, the EP is in exclusive already on Beatport before goes live on the rest of the Shops. NEW GALAXY comes out with 3 tracks I´m still here, Friday and Hypnotized a great combination […]

hIS Namelessness is Legion, and the EP will be out on the 8th of October next,  with no shadow of a doubt D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y you going to need to open your two ears to listen this piece of work we leave you with some more information…of GET BENT… his Namelessness Is Legion …aural -‘pataphysics for cognitive […]

The brand new EP from AUXID is out since the 30/09/13 available on BEATPORT ¨MAKE THE WORLD YOURS¨ which includes two tracks, ¨MAKE THE WORLD YOURS¨ track who gives name to the EP and ¨FEEL THIS¨ One more release from SLR who comes out of Sweden this week available on BEATPORT only…  

The Dutch man Vince de Salaire and is EP is out now ¨Choose your Sound¨will be in exclusive on sale for a week in Beatport,  after that will be live on the rest of the shops, the EP includes three tracks and a big expectation it was generate around this second episode of Schtum Logic Records. […]

The EP ¨Dream on a Beat¨from the Spanish producer, ROWMAN, is out now, and for a limited period of time in EXCLUSIVE on BEATPORT, before it goes live on the rest of the shops. Rowman present us with some Chil Out tunes and a classic Techno track. Look out on BP for this first release on booth […]