Schtum Logic Records is a label focusing on electronic music, mainly in the genres of Deep/Minimal Techno, House, Bass, Ambient. Experimental and Electronica, Based in Brazil.

Simplicity is the main key of Schtum Logic Records, subtle changes, and also the freedom to use and experiment with a variety of different sounds. The objective is to keep express ourselves in a unique and unusual variety of different ways, trying to get away from being precise. The sounds that are reached by us using micro samples of musical instruments, everyday noises, and sometimes human voices. These samples are later manipulated through various techniques of sampling and sound design, enabling the creation of distinctive effects. adding field recordings into the mix is another signature characteristic of, which allows Schtum Logic Records additional space for creativity and occasionally confusion.

 We aimed to release new music for new ears. We don’t confine ourselves to any particular genre…


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