hIS Namelessness is Legion, and the EP will be out on the 8th of October next,  with no shadow of a doubt D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y you going to need to open your two ears to listen this piece of work we leave you with some more information…of GET BENT…

his Namelessness Is Legion

…aural -‘pataphysics for cognitive biological cybernetic systems with 2 ears…

his Namelessness Is Legion is an Experimental/Drone/Noise/ project of Oliver Stummer, better known as Ambient & IDM/Electronica producer Tomoroh Hidari.

The project has been sporadically active since 2006 when his Namelessness Is Legion debuted with the first of three concept albums, the Liz-Anna trilogy (all 3 on mahorka records), a series of compositions based on radical constructivist idea’s of perception and constructivist modes of musical composition.

Activity increased in 2013 after a move to London and a shift of interest towards performing with self-built oscillators and drone boxes, circuit bent instruments and toys and hardware effects processing. That year also saw his Namelessness Is Legion’s live debut as well as recording the Get Bent EP which got signed to Schtum Logic Recordings.


– Resonant Mindlessness (Liz-Anna 1)  – 2006, Mahorka

– … that Night she Emitted a Different Silence (Liz-Anna 2) – 2007, Mahorka

– A Stasis in Five Movements  – 2012, Mahorka

– Then Kiss the Spiral Arms of the Cochlea’ Secret (Liz-Anna 3) – 2013, Mahorka

Tomoroh Hidari has been releasing and performing glitch-infused and electro-acoustics inspired IDM/Electronica since 2003 on labels such as Isolate Records, Record Label Records, Vienna Wildstyle, Laridae and more.

Besides his solo efforts he’s done production- and programming work with industrial outfit Kreuzweg Ost (Cold Spring), Viennese New Wave Band Müde, Breakcore/Industrial crossover project Anathemasochist (with Hecate aka Rachel Kozak), whose debut album should be out in early 2014 and been performing with the jam collective Dystopian Dub Developments.
Together with Austrian author and musician Liesl Ujvary he collaborated on writing and performing new music for the Trautonium, an early electronic instrument made famous by Oskar Sala, which earned their composition Trautonium Jetztzeit a place on Sub Rosa’s “An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music” compilation series.



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