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Vince De Salaire out on 23rd September

The Dutch man, Vince De Salaire and is EP, the second episode of SLR, they will be out on 23rd September next. Some Dutch spining tracks will be on the lugage, ¨CHOOSE YOURE SOUND¨the name of is EP has been received some good coments, expected a bit o everything on this three  track EP, you can have […]

¨DREAM ON A BEAT¨ out 9th September

Rowman Ep ¨DREAM ON A BEAT¨will be out on major sites on the net 9th September next. The Spanish producer brings out some chillout beats and raw techno, expected to be surprised an be prepared to release your inner senses, look out for the release date.


Rowman Up and coming producer from Barcelona!!!

Vince De Salaire

Vince De Salaire Up and coming producer from the Netherlands!!!

Bioni Samp

Bioni Samp bionisamp Bioni Samp, artist, producer, film-maker, midi hacker, beekeeper !!!

Vince De Salaire on SLR

Vince De Salaire, from the Netherlands just signed with SLR and soon will present us with a fantastic EP, watch this space for more info.

Dream on a Beat

The very first release of SLR already have a date, 9 September and we introduce a up a coming producer from Spain, Rowman,  from Barcelona and is EP ¨Dream on a beat¨ expect fom techno and chill out, a combination to make you DREAM…