Corne Huigen is not new in the world of Electronic Music, before he already release EP´s on to other Labels, but this time we are the lucky ones in to have him on board, with this ALONG THIS ROAD.

A mistic EP of Dance and Electronica. this road_1


Vancouver musician Kaden Harris releases new Electronica EP “The Tao of Chaos” on Schtum Logic Records

(VANCOUVER, BC) December 16, 2013 – Vancouver British Columbia musician Kaden Harris has today released his first Eccentric Genius EP on the Brazilian label Schtum Logic Records. The six-track EP “The Tao of Chaos” features a compilation of tribal dark ambient tracks produced since 2000, representing Harris’ diverse and extensive body of work.

The EP includes “Advent of the Hand,” “Black Market Arithmetic,” “Prayer to Mother Logic,” “Four Thoughts Channeled,” “Gollum’s Cyberdelic Breakfast” and “Choc Lit.”  Harris is joined by North Carolina poet Sophia Grayland, who contributed the lyrics and vocals on “Choc Lit,” and Vancouver guitarist Devon Saintsbury, who is heard on “Gollum’s Cyberdelic Breakfast” and “Four Thoughts Channeled.” The 34-minute EP is available at

How did a Canadian musician end up on a Brazilian record label? The founder of Schtum Logic Records, Luis Tavares, discovered Harris’ Eccentric Genius account on, and approached him with the idea of creating an EP. “The very first time I heard his music I was blown away,” says Taveras. “It is a very well constructed experimental kind of stuff … a minimalism with such a perfection that I was not able to resist to get him on board. Kaden Harris is a professional in his craft, and I believe this is just the beginning of many more EP´s to come.”

Harris adds, “Schtum Logic’s in Brazil. I’m in East Van. This entire project came together over the course of maybe a dozen emails. The Internet effortlessly globalizes small record labels to a degree that rightfully gives the majors the willies. It’s a good time to be a musician.“

Harris is a fixture in Vancouver’s dark ambient music scene, having played in a succession of fully improvisational ensembles including Cable Bomb, WetWare, and DVOA with Mark Spybey.   “I’m known for a technologically overachieving hybrid electro-acoustic drum set so large that it can be seen from space,” says the multi-instrumentalist, but for the past three years he has devoted himself to developing a “close personal relationship” with the Korg WaveDrum. “The WaveDrum is an electronic percussion instrument that has changed the way I think about music,” Harris says. “It is a startling instrument that sounds like nothing else on Earth, yet is just as organic and responsive as a vintage acoustic hand drum…with a timbral palette from a parallel universe.”

The Hastings Sunrise neighborhood resident is also known as a eccentric “improvisational fabricator.” Though he has a reputation for creating executive gifts such as desktop trebuchets, cigar guillotines and hypno-disks out of industrial castoffs and found objects, Harris’ most recent work involves the freeform fabrication of otherworldly musical instruments, including electric kalimbas (finger pianos), a one-string upright bass, and a hammered dulcimer variation he calls a Pseudo Psantur.

His finger pianos are constructed of walnut, with salvaged brass and copper, and tines cut from Zildjian B20 cymbal bronze. He electrified the instruments with handmade pickups built from deconstructed electronic window alarms. The upright bass and Pseudo Psantur are still in the prototype phase, but Kaden Harris’ electric kalimbas are now available for purchase

Eccentric genius


Atari Punk Console, one of our newest edition on the Label , brings a fantastic EP, ELECTRONIC DESIRES a young  American who  builds his own synthesizers. The EP a lot of Experimental and Atmospheric Sounds takes out of this World, in to an experience of Music from another level.

SpaceAPC (1)



The man behind  some of the majority  of our artwork, on the releases of SLR, his Marco Hansen, which soon will be releasing is second episode of NEW GALAXY an EP with 3 tracks. And of course we can´t stop leaving with you all without a example of the artwork which himself made it for is release. CONGRATULATIONS Marco and welcome back to SLR…

Marco Hansen - EP NEW GALAXY singles release 2


Lazlo Kovaks has a new release out,  the American presents  us with an EP ¨BREATHLESS¨and brings with him 5 tracks who going from House until the funky house  and the electronica The EP is out today  21/10/13 in exclusive on Beatport , plenty reasons to get out there and grab a copy because is a work who will make a lot of people talk about it…This is the 6th release of Schtum Logic Records, enjoy it…

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Marco Hansen - EP NEW GALAXY singlesA new EP is out on SLR and this time comes from a Brazilian youngster, Marco Hansen and ¨NEW GALAXY¨ a mixture between Techno and Trance, the EP is in exclusive already on Beatport before goes live on the rest of the Shops.

NEW GALAXY comes out with 3 tracks I´m still here, Friday and Hypnotized a great combination of tracks to make you dance the night away.